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Pasadena Humane - Double Your Impact All Week Long!

Soon after sweet Fiona arrived at Pasadena Humane, it immediately became clear that something was wrong. The young puppy wouldn't eat when offered food. She was vomiting excessively. An x-ray revealed that there was something lodged in her intestines. Fiona's life was in grave danger, and we knew we needed to act quickly. Our veterinary team moved quickly, rushing Fiona into emergency surgery to remove the obstruction. Fiona's procedure was a success. Thanks to the support of friends like you, Fiona was able to begin her healing journey, now able to eat without any pain or problems. She was given the chance to grow into a happy, healthy dog.

Double My ImpactFor this entire week, your donation will go twice as far for animals like Fiona, who require extra resources and specialized care for a bright future.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Nick, Amy, Brandy, Jordan, and Little Amy Fund, all gifts will be matched – dollar for dollar – up to $25,000 until December 31.

The lifesaving medical care that Fiona received was only made possible by the support of friends like you.Please give today to give animals like Fiona a second chance at life.

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