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A notice was recently sent to neighbors of the “Huntington Village” project, inviting

them to a community meeting on December 6. This is a large residential and mixed-use project planned for the old Vons headquarters at 618 Michillinda. The front of the site is where the current H-Mart supermarket is located. Please see the attached notice and maps for more information. This project is being proposed by New World International, who owns many large properties in the City. It has been in the planning phase for many years and is just now reaching a point where they are working on their Specific Plan for the site and environmental documents. While there is no public hearing happening yet, they are at a point where they are ready to introduce the neighborhood to the project. The meeting on December 6 is planned as a casual “open house” style meeting. Following the neighborhood meeting, there will be a

formal scoping meeting to kick-off the Environmental Impact Review process. This meeting will likely occur in January or February.


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