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Effective Parenting & Holiday Meal Sponsored by EMWPEC and YMCA

East Meets West Parent Education Club (EMWPEC), a nonprofit organization, will collaborate with South Pasadena / San Marino YMCA to present an important parenting conference, followed by a holiday meal, on Sunday afternoon, November 12, from 2:00-4:30 pm. Three featured speakers will address special topics and answer important questions from parents and families.  They are Ivy Sun, a former school teacher/executive administrator and a local community service leader in San Marino, Ron Gunnoe, a career educator from Glendale Unified Schools, and Grace Jeong, a college counselor and family education advisor from Arcadia.  The topics covered are  How to Practice Habits and Prepare a Child to be Outstanding Leader, How to Influence a Growth Mindset for a Less Stressful and More Successful Life (Growth vs Fixed Mindset), and How to Prepare Teenagers for a Smooth Transition from Highschool to College.

Space is limited to 70 people for this educational and holiday celebration event.  EMWPEC will provide Mandarin translation service for free. Childcare and children activities are free, up to the limit of 40 spaces at the YMCA.  Cost for each person is $15.  RSVP online by November 8 at


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