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East Meets West Parent Education Club prepared the food and drinks to serve to about 40 homeless peo

Members of the East Meets West Parent Education Club (EMWPEC) volunteered in collaboration with San Marino Community Church (SMCC) at Union Station Homeless Services Center in Pasadena on February 12.  The EMWPEC family volunteers from the cities of Arcadia, San Gabriel and San Marino prepared the food and drinks to serve to about 40 homeless people at the Union Station Adult Center.  The families including their children worked enthusiastically under the direction of Sidney Barney from SMCC and served up a satisfying dinner to the facility’s clients.  The smiles and gratitude on the faces of these less fortunate fellow citizens were the best rewards the volunteers could imagine.

EMWPEC is a non-profit parent education organization, based in San Marino.  It sponsors cultural events that promote mutual understanding, appreciation, and collaboration; provides information, resources and conversation for parents as their children attain global education; provides community outreach and volunteering for underprivileged families. On Sunday March 12, at the Crowell Public Library in San Marino, EMWPEC will sponsor a free public education seminar with the topic of “Parental Self-Care: How Taking Care of Yourself Benefits your Children” by Marla Brassard, professor and director of Clinical Training at the APA-Approved Ph.D. Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. For more information about upcoming events and family/student community volunteer opportunities, please visit our website at or call (626) 570-1309.

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