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Arcadia Fire Dept assists Springs fire

Many keen observers spotted an Arcadia Fire Department truck shown on ABC World News Thursday and other national and regional coverage of the Camarillo Springs fire as one of the earliest responders even though the fire is about 65 miles away. <Story continues below the following video…>

Beth Stogner, Fire Administrative Specialist and Public Information Officer, confirmed to that AFD sent Engine 105 (red) to Camarillo on Thursday morning, and later the State of California’s OES343 (yellow) truck that Arcadia was designated to have stationed here in town (see video below of 2008 dedication ceremony for OES truck).

Stogner said the first engine was sent in response to a mutual aid request with a strike team of five engine companies from the area, and then the OES truck in response to a request from the State early Friday morning with another strike team of six State OES engine companies. Each was staffed with four Arcadia firefighters.

Having Arcadia fire trucks seen on national TV supporting fires in another city provides yet another reason for pride in our community. Some may wonder why Arcadia sends trucks so far away when there are dozens of cities between Arcadia and Camarillo, and others may wonder if Arcadia taxpayers must cover that cost.

Stogner reminded that AFD periodically responds to fires all over the state and even as far away as Montana years ago during the massive fire in Yellowstone National Park. AFD, like most fire departments, has participated in this Master Mutual Aid System for many years. AFD gets reimbursed for all costs for personnel and equipment for these out-of-jurisdiction responses, plus an additional 17% overhead rate. Arcadia also enjoys the benefit of the system when AFD needs assistance, which has happened a few times over the past 20-plus years, Stogner said. — By Scott Hettrick <Two versions of 2008 video below of dedication ceremony for State’s OES truck in Arcadia – click bottom right of video player to enlarge video to full screen. If the Flash video player is not visible, click to play the second video version via YouTube….>

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